Kalispell Skatepark

Kalispell, MT
Frontside Air in Kalispell.
Simon Smith | Frontside Air in Kalispell. | Photo by Stumptown Photo
Randy Brockman |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
James Reeves |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
Kameron Barge |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
Mark Scott | Clearing the Island |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
 Photo by Stumptown Photo
Aaron Robinson | Boosting a backside air. |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
Aaron Robinson | Backside Air in Kalispell |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
The Kalispell spine. |
Fozzie with an invert in the deep end. |
Craig Kuzma Frontside air in Kalispell |
Aaron Robinson transfers the spine. |
Craig Kuzma | Tuck Knee over the Hip |  Photo by Stumptown Photo
The Kalispell skate park is a free city park located in Woodland Park just east of downtown Kalispell. The park is heavy in the transition department and not quite as much street stuff. The park consists of one long bowl that contains the bulk of the features of the park. It is about 8 1/2 feet deep in the deep and then transitions to about 3 feet deep in the middle with a couple hips, then has a steep capsule area at other end. There is also a spine with a 90 degree bend in it that transfers to a smaller 5 foot bowl. Other than that there are a couple of little rails along the side as well as a mini ramp section with small pyramid for the kiddies. The entire park is finished in metal coping and is still super smooth with good transitions and flow in the bowl section.

After school gets out and on weekends the park gets hit pretty heavy by kids and bikes which are allowed. The bulk of kids are confined to the sides where the banks and ledges are and the mini ramp section. Leaving the bowl pretty open most of the time.

Police regularly patrol this area and will ticket you if are not wearing a helmet.
6,000 Sq. Ft.
Date Completed:
Fall 2004
Nearby Shops:
Spirit Kalispell
Sportsman has some stuff and is open Sundays and late
New Taco Shop next to Spirit

Taco del Sol north of town

Try JD Morrell's downtown for sandwiches. Coffee Traders on Center Street for good Drinks and Breakfast.
Sorry still working on it. The markers are in the wrong spot but the map is centered at the park.
From the intersection of Highways 2 (Idaho Street) and 93 (Main street) in Kalispell head East until you head downhill under an underpass and take the first right, Woodland Park Drive. From there the road will wind around past some softball fields on your left. Immediately after that you Woodland Park and the skatepark will be on your right.
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